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The Choices Of Professionals

Champ Dogfood products often incorporate lecithin. Lecithin has a positive effect on the digestion of fats (through emulsification in the gastrointestinal tract). This means that fats are broken down faster in the small intestine. A pleasant side-effect of lecithin is that the coat becomes more shiny, and this is a MUST for breeders and those who enter their dogs in shows.

It has been developed with the greatest care on the basis of research and extensive analyses. The result: eleven types of dog food, each meeting different nutritional needs, determined by the dog's age, breed, environment and level of activity. 

People who work with their dog (s) on a daily basis demand: constant quality, high acceptance, little excrement, a beautiful coat and all this at a good quality / price ratio. Champ Dogfood has been successful in this since the 1980s. In many countries, police and service dogs use the different products of Champ Dogfood on a daily basis.

Features of Champ Dogfood: 

·      Use of lecithin which ensures good digestion and a shiny coat

·      Fibrous carob helps to ensure solid stools

·      Demonstrably better recovery times after exercise

·      High acceptance (80% of dogs choose Champ over other brands) 

·      Food safety as everything can be traced (a reassuring feeling) 

·      Free from artificial colours and flavours

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